U.S. Farm Subsidies Increase World Hunger

Updated 4/15/08

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Of all the reports I’ve heard on food prices and world hunger, last week’s Bill Moyers Journal has been the most informative.

While our leaders scream about the cost of entitlement programs, they continue to support farm policies that leave more and more people, in this country and around the world, without anything to eat.

According to Moyers’ reports, based partially on a series of investigative reports by The Washington Post, not only are subsidies to U.S. farmers making it impossible for farmers in other countries to compete and driving up the cost of grains that are used also for alternative fuel sources, some wealthy farm owners in this country are being paid not to farm.

The farm bill is set to expire this Friday. A new bill is working its way through Congress now. Our leaders are so afraid of push back from commodities lobbyists that they are not willing to cut these wasteful subsidies.

After watching these reports on Hunger in America and Farm Subsidies and Moyers’ interview with Bread for the World President David Beckman, lets show Congress some push back.

Call the White House comments line at 202-456-1111. Call your senators and representative at 800-839-5279 or 202-224-3121, or find their email addresses through this form.

Let these people know that enough is enough. There are more of us than there are lobbyists. It won’t matter how much money lobbyists give candidates toward reelection if we refuse to vote for them.

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